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The highest quality services to attract the highest traffic volume to your business. We raise your sales rate by 4x through our affiliation, media buying and influencers marketing channels with at least 200 million sales in MENA region to upgrade your business to the next level and from the national into the international market.


Building Brands With Purpose And Passion

Geeks media is a leading affiliate, media buying and influencers marketing agency in MENA region. We are based in Dubai and dedicated to offer the best business opportunity for advertisers and affiliates alike worldwide with more than 10,000 publishers who can and will upgrade your corporation, business, products and services that no one else can. We work with the elite clients, the leading advertisers globally sharing the highest standards from localization to globalization. Whether you are a publisher, an affiliate or advertiser; we welcome you to join us and empower your business.


I want to monetize my online traffic sources to maximise my profits

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I want to increase my brand’s ROI using the services of Geeks Media as a client

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Earn upto 20% Commission on affiliate sales


We choose our affiliates carefully on quality basis supporting them fully and continuously to reach standard expectations globally. Geeks media can be fairly considered as the one and only in the market

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Offer the highest and unbeatable rates

We offer sales-based commissions depending fairly on performance to ensure rapid income growth.

We pay top affiliates on a weekly basis

We ensure that our affiliates always have more than the required money for a following cycle of investments.

Using the latest technology

No frauds are allowed. We use secure channels for communications, money processing and performances reports.

Regular training for our affiliates

Quality is our target so we provide regular one-to-one and online training sessions for all our publishers, and affiliates.


Empower your business growth through our well researched marketing solutions that our experts offer you to help your business grow by 4x sales rate. We work with the top leading co-operations in the market and we receive 100% satisfaction reports constantly. We provide the following services for our advertisers to help them upgrade their business functioning quality

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Precise and high standards for targeting customers

We target our customers based on precise standards related to conducted surveys and case studies to the age, financial statement, interests.

Real time interactions and reports

We help advertisers follow up their business progress in real time and have all related reports to track their business performance and benchmarks.


All our services are highly integrated together on our platform from reports mechanisms, statistics benchmarks, communication channels, financial dashboards and up to transactions processing.

Time management

Our platform is easy to access and manage. In addition to that, we make sure that we target customers who have showed a higher life time value

Earn upto 20% Commission

Earn upto 20% Commission
on affiliate sales

How do I get started with Geeks Media?

Sign up affiliate program

Request Coupons/Links

Promote your coupons

Track Visits and Sales

Earn Comission, Earn Money


1. Why join Geeks media?
With Geeks media, money was never easier. It is the best affiliate company to help you increase your income within few clicks from your side and thousands of experts from our side.
2. As an affiliate, how do I get paid?
We pay every month 50% of the income until we validate the transactions. However, our top performer affiliates have the full freedom to transact their money on a weekly basis.
3. What is the difference between an affiliate and advertiser?
If you wish to have more audience, more sales and more profits directly for your services or products, you are an advertiser. rnIf you wish to work as a link between the product owner and the audience and increase your passive income, you are an affiliate.
4. Do you support Arabic language?
Yes! We offer our services for you in both languages respectively, so feel free to contact us in either language. We are ready to respond!